Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lately something's changed
It ain't hard to define
Jesse's got himself a girl
And I wanna make her mine

^^That is Big Sky, taken from their webcam a couple minutes ago.
We have experienced record snowfall this year.

I went up yesterday and conditions were phenomenal. Full-on powder day. I went with my friend, McC. He is a hell of a skier, and enjoy riding with him. We had fresh tracks, including "face shots" on our final run down at 3:45. If you ski, then you know that was a special day.

^^I am second from right and Tricky, esteemed friend and disenfranchised lawyer is on the far right. That is at the tippy-top of the mountain, near the tram. You can see the tram station in the first picture, at the very peak of the mountain.

They installed the tram in 1994, and, dare I say, it was the boldest move in North American skiing in the last 40 years. Quite frankly, in this age of lawsuits (fucking lawyers), it took some serious cojones to string that thing up to the peak, accessing Severe Consequences/No Fall Zone terrain. I've skiied everywhere, man. (Think Johnny Cash.) I will put the terrain accessible from the Big Sky tram up against anything. Crested Butte? Jackson? Whistler? Bring it.

And God Bless them for doing it, on behalf of serious skiers/riders like myself. It is exceedingly rare to see a big resort do something like this. See, their revenue doesn't come from the dirtbags like me. We buy, beg, borrow, steal or barter for our season passes, and then we work those passes like the Chinese building railroads.

They make their money from families on vacation, who stay at the hotels, rent equipment, dine in the restaurants, buy lift tickets, pay full price and don't know any better.

We have had record snowfall this year. I would hazard a guess that, when all is said and done, 500 inches of snow fell on Big Sky. 400 is average...and that is considerable by any standards.

(^^Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street.)

Here is the rub: The resort closes in two weeks. Look at those pictures. They could run those lifts until the 4th of July.


Last weekend, UJ and Carmela came out for a visit.

We did some snowboarding, some soaking, and some laughing.

How sweet is that shirt?

I also have one that says I Heart Boobs.

Hmmm. What else has been going on since we last spoke?

Oh, I joined a gang. What? I can handle myself pretty well. I'm always strapped. Jenny, Jenny. You're the girl for me. You don't know me, but you make me so happy.

I also have been playing a fair amount of guitar. And working a little. Just a little. Not too much. You could strain a groin if you're not careful. On the reals, yo.

On a serious note, my niece, Lucy, has to undergo some big surgery in April, on the 18th.

Please cross your fingers. say your prayers and all that other good stuff. She is a special kid.

I am going to drive to Portland for that.

Can you hear them? Talkin' bout us, telling lies. Well, that's no surprise. Can you see them? See right through them. They have no shield, no secrets to reveal. It doesn't matter what they say. In the jealous games people play.

Hush, my darling.

Don't you cry.