Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm a million different people from one day to the next...

They are still rioting in France?

*Le sigh*


"But I'm le tired."

(taken from a hilarious website a few years ago about the next world war... except for australia, which is like, "WTF, mate?")

If you waste your internet time in blogland, as I so frequently do, then you will know that November is Nano Nano month, or some shit like that. Basically, every year, someone declares November "write a novel in a month" month, and every blogger with two hands (or no hands and voice recognition software) writes a novel. In a month.

This of course, is done on the side, apart from the other books they are writing, or screenplay, or treatment, or cave drawings. Meanwhile, they post entries like, "it'll be slim here for a while, I'm writing my Nano Nano novel."

Thousands and thousands of people, furiously banging away at their keyboards, each one hoping that they are the lucky monkey who will randomly create War and Peace, or Beavis and Butthead Do America.

Wait... I feel a disturbance in the Force. I hear the sound of a thousand toilets flushing at once, then... nothing.

I'd participate in this exercise, but I'm Le Tired.

I gots ta go. There's pimpin' to be done. So I will leave you with a taste of the OG Bozeman Gangstaz... The 5-0 report from today'z paper:

€ Two men were having a heated discussion about a woman outside a downtown bar.

€ A man on West Main Street was warned for using a snowblower early in the morning and causing a disturbance.

€ A juvenile male was warned for jaywalking in front of a patrol car.

€ A man in the emergency room for a mental evaluation attempted to flee. He returned on his own.

€ A dog on Yerger Drive was harassing other dogs.

€ A couple on Black and White Trail had an argument.

€ A woman on Red Oak Drive told deputies a man took $500 from her in exchange for work. The man never started the project. She hasn't been able to contact him.

€ Kids were trespassing on a parking lot along Discovery Drive to snowboard.

I'm tellin' you, lock your doors and watch your back, we keep it real on the mean streets of Bozeman.