Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bright light, almost blinding. black night still there shining
I can't stop, keep on climbing, looking for what I knew.

Shed the worries, the fears, the petty concerns.

Discard the ego, the sense of self.

Peel back the layers of carefully constructed identity.

Cut through the small talk, the bullshit.

Stop wondering what could have been.

Try something new.

Take a chance.

Follow your bliss.


I'm counting UFO's
I signal them with my lighter
And in this moment
I am happy
Wish you were here

Wuss crackin'?

Nothin', man.

You goin' up?

Nah. Gotta work.

Oh, man.

Yeah, it's getting pounded up there.

It does look pretty ominous to the south.

Hey! Your wife just walked by... without dog protection.

Oooh. That's dangerous. Those guys are fierce. Keep an eye on her, will ya?

That's the problem. I think all these guys are keepin' an eye on her.