Thursday, August 14, 2008

At first I was afraid
I was petrified
I kept thinking I could never live without
You by my side

Hello, old friends.

This is the part where I reveal something to you.

I asked Stanette to marry me last Thursday.

Right there in my kitchen.

I got down there on my knees, I swore I'd break down and cry...

Oh no, not I.

My dad had knee replacement surgery yesterday.

They basically amputate your knee, put your kneecap over to the side, and hammer down a new, pvc joint.

I'm pretty sure that sucks balls.

Not in the good way.

Because there is a good way to suck balls.

There is also a bad way, and I am pretty sure it involves movement of the kneecap.

You can wait, you can watch. You can wonder why. You can roll over. You can lie. You might dream. You can scream. You can tell yourself something. You can choose to believe it. You can scream out loud.

You may cry.

You may cry.

You may cry.

You wait for the world to come around.

The clock ticks along.

You can't find anything better.

Grow a beard and mumble.

Memories of strength that nobody hears. Did they award merit badges for this? If I had known, I might have prepared better.

Lie to yourself. Things will change in the harsh light of the day.

You like to cut loose. Nine lives. Cat's eyes. All that.

I'm sick of it, too.

A mountain lion broke into Zack's parents' house in Colorado. It snatched their 15 year old labrador. Fish and Wildlife used the dog to bait the lion. They got it. She was 8 feet from nose to tail, 140 pounds.

She entered through the sliding glass door, went into the master bedroom and took the dog.

Fish amd Game shot the cat. Zack saw it in the cage with what remained of his parents' dog. A lion and a bloody rack of ribs.

True story. Check