Monday, January 25, 2010

Why don't you all fade away?

A friend told me he had a huge Pearl drum set in storage for five years.

He used to play in a band with his twin brother. Now he is married, with kids.

He calls me and he says to me, he says...

Hey, I have this drum set, it needs a home, and I know you'll take good care of it and give it the love it needs.

I said, yes... why, yes, I would indeed give it the love it needs.

Tuck it in at night and whisper sweet nothings, I will.

I am thinking about installing a koi pond in the boogie station. Some sort of babbling brook yoga center. The kind of place where your chi could have a cup of coffee with your chakras on some hot stones.

Not really. I was kidding. Chakras are bullshit. So are chiropractors. And dinosaurs. Evolution, too.

I had a sound guy come over today. We are going to do a little further soundproofing and set things up to do some recording.

Why not?