Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Two of us, sending postcards
Writing letters
On my wall

How much of what you read is true?

Summer and youth are fleeting.

Summerfest is a big music festival in Milwaukee. I have been going there since the early 80's. Last year, I saw Pearl Jam and Tom Petty together.

In a couple weeks, we are going home to see my family and friends in the Dam (yay!!!), and we are going to see Roger Waters ((by the way, which one's Pink?)) at Summerfest. I scored some extraordinary seats. Hopefully, we will meet up with the likes of Eck, Leo, Manning, Nanner and various other Milwaukee-based luminaries.


I love going back to the Dam, to my parents' house.

I love being at Tony and Alison's.

The new White Stripes album is good. I am listening to it now for the first time. I like it.

That seems like enough.


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