Friday, April 13, 2007

You find a job and you settle down

The Bozeman Police Reports have been absolutely on fire lately. Again, this is lifted directly from The Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Click this if you don't believe me.

- A 3-pound Yorkshire terrier was on a rampage along Durston Road. The nefarious dog was contained in its owner's home.

- A woman showed up drunk to a DUI victim impact meeting being held on West Main Street. She was given a ride home.

- A woman on Gawain Way told deputies a person stole her pain medication and replaced it with calcium pills.

- A child in Big Sky had a piece of meat stuck in his throat. The Big Sky Fire Department took the child to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital.


It is too bad that Kurt Vonnegut's passing was overshadowed by Don Imus and Al Sharpton. In fact, I should be pistol-whipped for putting those names in the same sentence as Vonnegut.

I have read at least a dozen of his books. He made me laugh, out loud. He made me think, a lot.

He had a wonderful mind. What a loss.

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