Tuesday, July 25, 2006

He plays an old guitar
With a coin found by the phone
It was his friend's guitar
That he played

^^That song is from the Foo Fighters disc, In Your Honor. It's a double album; one rock, one acoustic. This song is from the acoustic disc. It's called, "Friend of a Friend."

He needs a quiet room
With a lock to keep him in
It's just a quiet room
And he's there

He plays an old guitar
With a coin found by the phone
It was his friends guitar
That he played

He's never been in love
But he knows just what love is
He says nevermind
And no one speaks

He thinks he drinks too much
Cause when he tells his two best friends
"I think I drink too much"
No one speaks
No one speaks
No one speaks

He plays an old guitar
With a coin found by the phone
It was his friends guitar
That he played

When he plays
No one speaks
No one speaks
When he plays
No one speaks

It's a great song.

Hmmmm... I wonder who that song was about?

You really ought to check it out.

If you like the Foo Fighters, that is.

And if you don't...

What the hell is wrong with you?


You really should take a good, hard look at yourself.

You and I have memories
Longer than the road that stretches out ahead


I've been slacking here lately.

Certain, er, business and personal situations, shall we say, have been consuming much of my energy.

And writing this here website (and hopefully entertaining you in the process) takes a certain amount of energy.

It's not a time issue, because, much like exercise, you pretty much always have time to blog.

You think you don't have time, but, really, it's a cost-benefit analysis, conducted on the fly:

.........hmmm, it's noon. I said I would go work out at noon.

But Seinfeld is on, and it's the one where Kramer starts Kramerica Industries, takes on an intern (Darrin) and has him string chickenwire in the apartment for Little Jerry, the fighting cock, and make appointments for lunch with Jerry and Elaine...

............ hmmmm. Maybe
I should get an intern.

And, the next thing you know, you blow off exercise.

Excluding the time it takes to upload and resize pictures (forfuckingever), I usually bang out these entries in around 10-15 minutes.

Roughly the time it takes for a nice, satisfying dump.

Which, oddly enough, is strikingly similar to writing for me.

Usually, if I let it build inside me, I just sit down, and it falls right out of me.

(That's a grizzly I took a picture of about a year ago.)

So where was I?

Oh yeah... I saw Clerks II last night.

I love Kevin Smith's movies, and this one did not disappoint.

That tubby fuck sure can make a movie.

And I'll be damned if he didn't make me feel a little Cameron Crowe-sappy, in and amongst all the donkey-fucking and Jay and Silent Bob hilarity.

I laughed my ass off, and it was a fantastic bookend to his work, from Clerks, to Mallrats, to Chasing Amy, to Dogma and even Jersey Girl... to this movie.

It picks up with all the same characters from Clerks, but ten years later.

He introduced a new character, a kid, and he was superb.

I was thoroughly entertained.

If you enjoyed any of Kevin Smith's movies, you'll definitely like this one.

(Black bear, taken last year.)

I have still been going to the gym every day, pretty much for the a/c.

It has been so damn hot here, it's almost unbearable.

Al Gore and his global warming, huh?

I have a bunch of visitors coming... once again.

My friend BB from the Dam is coming to fly fish. He came last year, and kind of turned me on to the whole fly fishing thing.

So, we're gonna go fish in the park.

Then, the Dad who begat the Dude is coming out for a visit.

We'll attend the Sweet Pea Festival, watch some music and eat some food.

I have noticed a mildly alarming increase in readers from Bozeman.

If you see me out on the streets, be sure to tap me on the shoulder and say hello.

Don't be a pussy.

It's just unbecoming.

Since the Dad who begat the Dude recently had knee surgery, we'll have to chill on the hiking.

I'll take him on a nice float down a river and try to get him hooked on fly-fishing.

After my dad visits, T-Rex comes to visit.

I miss him so much.

T-Rex, Alison, JM and Birdy (and now Vaughn) lived just around the corner from me in the Dam.

I used to stop over at their house about 4 times a week.

T-Rex and I played a lot of disc golf together, and pondered the meaning of life.

He's really more of a brother than a friend.

Especially because I never had a real brother.

And to add to this spicy sauce, T-Rex grew up directly across the street from Bells, and they were very best friends growing up.

Isn't that nice?

Three best friends from back in the day, when we were twelve, getting together for some adventure.

Yeah, I am really looking forward to that one.

Also, I got irrationally excited in an ADD sort of way today when I was discussing my snowboarding season with someone.

My eyes got all big and full of fire, my arms got into the act with grandiose gestures, and little bits of spittle were flying everywhere.

(If you know me, you're laughing your balls off right now.)

What the fuck am I gonna do?

I'm 50% Sicilian, 50% Irish, and that kind of shit is just bred into me.

It's genetic.

Plus, it's fucking awesome here.

That's enough for a Tuesday.

Peace out.

P.S. All of the pictures in this post were taken within a few hours of my house, within the last 12 months. Like I said, it's fucking awesome here.